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        2 min read

        5 Things to Ask Before Creating Your Website


        Ready for your big and exciting new website design?  Before diving into the fun of drag-and-drop editors and page layouts, make sure you’re building on a solid foundation.  You’re about to ask yourself five pivotal questions to help:

        • Define your brand look and feel
        • Design for your ideal customer
        • Boost conversion rates and lead generation

        Let’s get started.


        1. What do your site visitors want?  

        What info is your website visitor looking for when they land on your site? What's their goal?  Let’s use Wedgewood Weddings as an example.  Their website serves engaged couples who want a fun, flawless, and easy wedding-planning process.




        More specifically, their possible customers might be wondering:

        • What venues are available?
        • What dates are available?
        • What are my style options?


        2. How can you help your site visitors find what they need?

        Let’s break this question down into a couple of categories:


        Website Features

        Wedgewood Weddings helps its couples find answers with a popup style quiz, which guides them through a self-selection process for easy and informed decision-making.




        Since 33% of buyers today prefer a seller-less buying experience, this was a strategic idea.  Good job, Wedgewood Weddings.

        Will your website need a self-selection tool, too? Or could you use a calendar/scheduling tool or a contact us form (highly recommended for lead gen)?


        Website Navigation

        Wedgewood Weddings has a clear navigation bar at the top of their site, with options like Venues, Packages, and an eye-catching Get Started button.




        Make your navigation easy to see and understand so visitors can find what they’re looking for.


        3. How do you want your site visitors to feel? 

        Here's where your branding comes in. Do you want your visitors to feel inspired? Relaxed? Excited? Empowered?

        Start by thinking of a few brands and websites you admire (preferably sites you visit often and buy from). Pull together a list, vision board, or collection of screenshots.  

        You might call to mind household names like Pottery Barn, Starbucks, National Geographic, or Southwest Airlines.  

        Now ask, what do you like about these sites?  What makes it easy to purchase from them?  Are there any visual elements or color palettes that catch your eye?  

        You might gravitate toward a minimal, clean look (like Pottery Barn) or a fun attitude and reliable service (like Southwest Airlines).

        Look for patterns in your preferences and see what you notice. The brand colors, layout, navigation, and copy affect how you feel when you interact with each site.  What elements do you want to incorporate into yours?

        This tactic is most insightful if you and your Ideal Customer Avatar are the same people.  In other words, if you’re marketing to a version of yourself from 10 years ago or someone who shares a problem you used to have. 


        4. What design trends could you use? 

        Keeping up with website trends helps you build your online street cred.  Your website visitors will trust you more if your site looks up-to-date and professional.

        Tip: Trends come and go, so feel free to reevaluate these often.  And remember: no matter how many trends you include on your site, clear messaging will drive the bulk of your conversions.


        5. How can you start creating your site?

        Have you answered all the questions above and feel ready to pull the trigger? You’re in luck. We have a FREE step-by-step walkthrough for how to prepare, build, and launch your new website.  Take out the guesswork and grab your complete guide below.  You’ll be glad you did. :)



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        Ready for your big and exciting new website design?  Before diving into the fun of drag-and-drop editors and page layouts, make sure you’re building...

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