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        3 min read

        Need a website designer?  Read this.

        Need a website designer? Read this.

        Table of Contents

        You could build a great website. What you’re looking for is the right help. Keep reading to learn how to hire a pro who makes your site convert faster than the Millenium Falcon can jump to light speed.

        In less than 5 minutes, we’ll fly through:

        Ready? Strap yourself in, 'cause here we go.



        Red flags to avoid (if you see these, RUN)

        No matter what route you go or who you hire, remember that YOU need to be in the driver's seat. Don't hand the keys to your designer! They could take them and skedaddle, and you’d be screwed.

        Signs your prospective designer shouldn't be trusted:


        They won’t give you access to the website's backend.

        Even if you don’t want to make website edits yourself, you MUST have access to any logins or other information necessary to make changes. Otherwise, your hands are tied, and you'll have to come crawling back to the same designer for every edit.


        They purchase the domain for you.

        You and only you should be the owner of your domain. If they own your domain, they own your website and practically own your business.  

        If you sense hints of either of the above, get outta there fast!




        How to spot a legit designer


        They involve you in the process.

        But, hold on, I thought I was outsourcing this project? Do I have to be involved? The answer is YES because YOU are the expert on your business. They’re the experts at building websites.

        Things they may ask for (that you can prepare in advance):

        • Website copy (what will your website visitors read when they land on your site?)  
        • A site map (which pages will you need?)
        • Creative Assets (photos, videos, logos, etc.)
        • Sample Websites/Inspiration (look across similar industries to get ideas)
        • Website goals (do you want to grow your email list?  Sell a product?)
        • A list of integrations (like your CRM and email platform, for example).

        Want a walk-through of the above?  Get our 10 Steps to Redesigning Your Website Like a Pro.

        Your designer may work with you to develop some of these things, but you should be an essential player. If not, your spidey senses should be going off.


        They’re certified and experienced.

        Not that there's anything wrong with an honest side-hustle. But if you’re finding your folks on Upwork, keep in mind that you may not be their priority or their primary area of expertise. Look for someone who has achieved a standard of excellence. 


        They’re not the cheapest option.

        See above. In many cases, you get what you pay for. Also, you’re not just redoing your website to be trendy (even though website trends change every couple of years). Think long-term. Will the website results pay for themselves by generating revenue?


        They’re upfront about scope and turnaround times.  

        How long until you see revision 1? Do additional edits cost more? How many revisions are included in the original quoted cost?


        They have a portfolio of previously created websites.   

        A good web designer will either custom-build your site or use a purchased theme. Any theme they choose should be flexible and customizable enough so that all the websites they build don’t look identical. 


        They offer training and support.

        Will they give you the tools and tutorials you need to edit your site yourself?


        But are they right for you?

        Awesome, you’ve established that your designer is qualified. But are they right for you? Remember, this could be an ongoing relationship. It’s kinda like dating. Talk with them and feel it out. 




        Some fun hiring questions and tips we love:

        • If you had many candidates to choose from, would you still choose this person? Why or why not? 
        • Get a feel for how enthusiastic they are about the work. What’s their story? How did they get started?
        • What are some challenges they’ve overcome?
        • How would they approach building a website that fits your company's mission?
        • Let your personality shine through. They’re trying to decide if you’re the right fit for them!


        Other must-haves to keep you competitive

        • Use a platform with 99.99% uptime (the minimum standard for today).
        • Ask about the safety and security of your website (SSL certificate, etc.)
        • Build your site on a platform that other people know how to use (in case you need a different designer down the road).
        • Get a contract. Just do it.
        • Buy up relevant subdomains and create redirects (for example, yourcompany.com, yourcompany.net, yourcompany.org, etc.).
        • Make sure your website will be mobile-friendly!
        • Remember that your website performance is more important than how it looks. Will your website integrate with a CRM or other marketing tools to help you grow your business?


        YOU made it!

        You’re a few minutes older, much wiser, and ready to embark on your hiring journey.  

        Choosing a star out of the galaxy of designers can be tricky. Need some help? Drop us a message, and we’ll point you in the right direction. 

        (Or just say hey for the heck of it. We’ll take a virtual high-five anytime!)

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