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      GTmetrix is the gold standard in analyzing the speed and performance of a website. Here is how the homepage (using CLEAN) ranks. Not too shabby for a media-rich page.


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        1 min read

        Save This: The Shortcut You Need


        What if you could shave hours off your website build? HubSpot's saved sections help you create mini templates that you can copy from one page to another in seconds and save you loads of time.

        Read on (or play the video) to discover how:


        Go to the CONTENTS tab in your website editor and check out the column on the left. You’ll see a summary of which modules are included under each section and can add or remove modules to your heart’s content.



        Once you’re happy with your section’s new look, hover over the little downward arrow at the top, and click save section.



        Give it a name, then hit the save button.

        To add your section to a new page, hit the fun little plus button in the content preview. Your saved sections will appear in the column on the right.




        Choose the one you want, and watch it teleport to your new page. Tada!



        There’s only one downside: HubSpot limits you to ten saved sections. But you can still streamline your page builds with templates.

        And, as an added bonus, you can rename modules now, too. Hit the three dots to the right of the module name, and call it anything you like.



        This feature is great for staying organized and collaborating with team members.

        And just like that, your website editing experience got easier. BOOM!


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        5 Things to Ask Before Creating Your Website

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        7 min read

        Introducing the "Magic Module" and CLEAN Pro's step into 2023.

        Today, I'm super excited to announce the beta release of the all-new "Magic Module" that will be included in the CLEAN Pro (v58) update.  This is the...

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        4 min read

        Do this, not that: getting started with SOPs

        Is your team dropping balls left and right? Does poor communication slow your sales process? Do you want to grow your business (but feel stuck)? 

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