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        HubSpot Smart Content: The Secret to Speed Up Your Site

        HubSpot Smart Content: The Secret to Speed Up Your Site
        HubSpot Smart Content: The Secret to Speed Up Your Site

        HubSpot’s Smart Content is a handy feature for customizing your website visitor’s experience. You can set up rules to display different content for segments of your audience. For example, you could:

        • Have one message for leads and another for customers
        • Show a location-based offer only to visitors in your geographic area
        • Display a form for visitors who clicked through from an ad campaign

        …and much more!

        But did you know you can also use Smart Content to boost your website’s load time on mobile? You CAN! Get excited because you’re about to learn how.


        The Super Simple Speed Secret

        You can use this tweak for any module in my Clean Pro Theme for HubSpot.  



        Start by setting up your Smart Rules in your website page editor. You’ll see a link at the top of the lefthand column called Add Smart rules.




        Click it for a range of choices. We'll focus on the DEVICE criteria, which lets you show specific content, images, and style settings when your web page is viewed on a mobile device.




        For example, let's take the background images in the Row Settings section. On a desktop, you may want a larger image with the appropriate viewing ratio on a full screen. But with Smart Content, you could use a smaller version of the same picture for mobile (roughly 600 px wide). This reduces the file size, which speeds up your page load time. Plus, the resized image will look better on a smaller screen.




        Background videos are another feature that looks cool on a desktop but eats up unnecessary bandwidth on smartphones. How can you speed up your load time? Easy. Add a rule that shows an image to viewers on mobile devices instead.  

        And BOOM! Now you have the superpowers to load your mobile site at light speed. Your website visitors will be over the moon.



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