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        An Introvert's Guide to Surviving HubSpot's INBOUND 2022


        Headed to INBOUND 2022?  This exciting experience is sure to throw a ton of new info, ideas, and connections your way. 

        Keep reading for tips on how to save energy, stay inspired, and skip the overwhelm (plus local Boston spots you won't want to miss).


        Go easy on the first day.

        It's easy to want to hit the ground running as soon as you get through the registration process. Instead of loading up your schedule on Day 1 with speakers or events, get the lay of the land. Once you’re familiar with the space, you can plan your schedule for days 2, 3, and 4 much more effectively.


        Bring a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

        Walking through INBOUND is like arriving in Vegas and walking the casino room floor. It's loud. It's exhilarating. So much to see and experience. It's awesome! Also, it's exhausting. Sometimes it can be hard to escape the noise and crowds and still get to the next speaker you want to see. Throwing on your headphones and finding a corner to sit down and recharge your batteries can do wonders.


        Don't plan to see any speakers right before lunch.

        The INBOUND lunch rush is no joke, and the line-ups can get crazy long at the food trucks and even local restaurants nearby. Instead of following the herd out to lunch right after the speaker sessions end before noon, get out there early and avoid the traffic. You'll have your pick of what food trucks you want to eat at and where you want to sit. You might even get a moment or two of peace.


        Find other introverts (and claim your inner introvert).

        Part of the awesomeness of INBOUND is the connections you can make with others. When you find a few people you click with, ask if they are open to joining you and a small group (4-6 others) for a more intimate dinner or lunch.


        Stay an extra day or two in Boston.

        As an introvert, you'll be running on EMPTY after INBOUND even if you follow all these tips. Give yourself an extra day or two to explore Boston and recharge your batteries. It's also a great way to digest all the information you learned, and think about how you might integrate it into your company or business.

        Avoid the tourist traps, and destress at some of these favorite local attractions:

        Relax at the Boston Reflecting Pool.

        This tranquil spot offers a much-needed break from the HubSpot hustle.  Take a moment to daydream, or browse the array of nearby food trucks for a scenic lunch break.

        Step back in time at Polcari’s Coffee.

        Located in Boston’s historic North End, Polcari’s has been serving up fresh coffee beans, spices, tea, and other dry goods since 1932.  The grocer still has its old-world feel and attracts aficionados from all over.


        Indulge your inner nerd at backbar (no longer Boston’s best-kept secret).

        Once a speakeasy, and now on TimeOut’s list of 28 Coolest Bars in the World, this spot will satisfy your craft cocktail cravings with a playful twist.  Their featured events pay homage to classic SciFi films, Game of Thrones, and other fan favorites.


        Shop at Boston Public Market.

        Brimming with local flavor, this year-round indoor market boasts over 30 vendors offering everything from popovers to paintings.


        Enjoy a free concert at Brewer Fountain Plaza.  

        Step out for lunch on the popular Boston Common and listen to live piano playing, courtesy of Berklee College of Music’s Summer in the City series.


        Attend INBOUND online.

        Want to avoid the crowds completely?  Attend online!

        You may not be there to walk the cobblestone streets, but you can still enjoy virtual Boston offerings like This Day in History YouTube nuggets (thanks to Boston’s Freedom Trail Foundation), tours of Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House (The Home of Little Women), or an online visit to the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  And if you’re feeling inspired, order some tasty Boston treats to go along with your tour (might I recommend a whoopie pie?).


        And finally...

        Whether you’re going in person or virtually, remember to pace yourself, and above all, have a good time. :)

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