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        1 min read

        How to do A/B Testing in HubSpot

        Want to boost conversions on your landing pages?  Try A/B testing.  HubSpot makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

        Watch the video below to learn how, plus catch a behind-the-scenes look at the test I ran for my Brand Canvas.

        To sum it up, remember these principles when you’re setting up your test:




        1 Key Action 

        Choose a single action you want your page visitor to take (like filling out a form, purchasing a product, or clicking a button), then make sure you give your visitor at least one chance to take that action.  For example, if your landing page is long (and requires viewers to scroll down) you may include a bit of hyperlinked text near the top of your page and a button near the bottom.  Make sure to link both to the one action you want to drive.

        Pro-tip: HubSpot found that text CTAs near the top of your page tend to produce the highest click-through rates.


        2 Page Versions

        Once you create and publish your original landing page (The A version), you can create a variation (The B version).  Head to your page editor, toggle the More menu and click Create A/B Variation.


        AB select


        Remember to make only ONE change on your alternate page. You could make a big change (like removing content blocks) or a small change (like changing the messaging in the headline). 

        Avoid making a bunch of little changes since you won’t be able to distinguish which edits made the difference at the end of your test.


        3 Weeks (At Least!)  

        One of the BIGGEST mistakes you could make is cutting your experiment short.  Give it time to run and get enough page views for statistically significant data. 

        You can also add a Call to Action on another website page, or consider spending a little money on ads to drive more traffic to your test pages.

        And there you go!  A/B testing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

        7 min read

        Introducing the "Magic Module" and CLEAN Pro's step into 2023.

        Today, I'm super excited to announce the beta release of the all-new "Magic Module" that will be included in the CLEAN Pro (v58) update.  This is the...

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        4 min read

        Do this, not that: getting started with SOPs

        Is your team dropping balls left and right? Does poor communication slow your sales process? Do you want to grow your business (but feel stuck)? 

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        1 min read

        Save This: The Shortcut You Need

        What if you could shave hours off your website build? HubSpot's saved sections help you create mini templates that you can copy from one page to...

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