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        HubSpot pricing tiers: which should you choose?

        Featured Image

        Is HubSpot right for you? If you’re considering a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, this platform has tons of options to help you centralize data, streamline handoffs, and make easy website updates.

        HubSpot is kind of like a buffet. While there are pre-packaged CRM Suites, you can choose which features (or Hubs) you’d like to include in your subscription. We’ll walk you through the various tiers, pricing, and tools (including the FREE ones), so you can make an informed decision for your business.

        Ready? Let’s scope out all the delicious offerings.


        meet HubSpot's CRM suite


        The single source of truth you need to make data-driven decisions in your business.

        What does that mean?

        Simply that if you want to get found online, convert and nurture your leads, and gain valuable insights, you may have stumbled upon a gold mine. HubSpot lets you do all of this within the same tool. No more need to remember multiple logins or try to make sense of data from separate platforms.

        frantic jimmy


        HubSpot also makes handoffs between marketing, sales, and service super smooth. Think centralized and accessible customer data, timely communication, and happy customers (which means more business - hello, higher conversion rates)!

        And speaking of conversions, let’s not forget your most important, 24/7, all-star salesperson: your website. HubSpot’s CMS (Content Management System) is part of the CRM Suite and allows you to build and manage your website with the ease of its drag-and-drop editor and without any technical know-how.

        While you can get all these perks working together seamlessly in the Suite, you can also customize your hubs: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and the all-new Operations Hub are all available a la carte or at different tiers to fit your budget. 

        Keep reading for the curated overview I put together just for you. :)

        (Oh, and by the way, HubSpot is constantly evolving, so this is by no means an exhaustive list of features!)


        tier 1: HubSpot's Free Tools

        (yes, really!)


        The TLDR

        This is a great option to consider if you’re just trying to simplify your tech stack, update your CRM, or get out of spreadsheet land.  And did I mention that it’s free??



        What you get

        HubSpot’s collection of free tools is powered by the CRM database itself.  You can manage your contacts and segment them into lists, view automatically imported company insights, create deals to manage sales, send marketing emails, see email health reports, build landing pages, set up conversational bots, and use other basic features, all in the same place and with no expiration date. :)

        What you don’t get

        The catch is that the free version does have limitations.  For example, you do get landing pages but won’t get access to the full CMS, so if you’re a blogger or content creator (or plan to be), you may want to consider CRM Suite Starter.  More on that in a moment.

        My personal fav feature

        Active lists.  While you only get five in the free version, it’s pretty awesome to set criteria and watch new contacts get added to your active list automatically.  For example, you can have an active list for all customers or prospects who filled out a specific form on one of your landing pages.

        Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 11.16.25 AM


        tier 2: CRM Suite Starter


        The TLDR

        Lots of bang for your buck, especially if you want to spin up a quick website with basic marketing features.  You can find more tips on getting started with your site here.

        Cost (at the time of this post):

        Starts at $50/month

        What you get

        All of HubSpot’s free tools, PLUS:

        1:1 technical support from HubSpot, and:

        Marketing Hub Starter
        • 1000 Marketing Contacts (unlimited free non-marketing contacts up to a limit of 15 million overall)
        • Mobile Optimization for Content

        Increased limits for:

        • Custom Properties 
        • Form Follow-up Emails 
        • Number of Lists
        • Number of Reports

        ….and more!

        Sales Hub Starter
        • Canned Snippets
        • Conversation Routing
        • Deal Pipelines
        • Documents
        • Email Scheduling
        • Email tracking & notifications
        • Goals
        • Outgoing Calls
        • Simple Deal Automation
        • Stripe integration
        • Task queues
        • Quotes

        Service Hub Starter
        • Custom Bots
        • Rep Productivity Reports
        • Simple Ticket Automation
        • Slack Integration
        • Ticket Closed Reports
        • Ticket Pipelines
        • Time To Close Reports

        CMS Hub Starter
        • Advanced Menus
        • App And Asset Marketplace
        • AMP Support For Blogs
        • Blog
        • Blog Import
        • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
        • Custom Domains
        • Design Manager
        • Drag And Drop Editor
        • Mobile Optimization
        • Multi-Langauge Content And Testing
        • Premium Hosting
        • Site Export
        • SSL Certificate
        • Subdomains
        • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
        • Website Pages
        • Website Themes
        • Website Traffic Analytics
        Operations Hub Starter
        • Custom Field Mappings (for third-party integrations)

        What you don’t get

        • A/B testing features
        • Email Comparison Reporting
        • CTAs and CTA testing
        • Marketing Automation or Workflows
        • Marketing Campaigns
        • More than 15 total web pages
        • Smart Content/Personalization

        My personal fav feature

        The CMS drag-and-drop editor.  I mean, how much fun is this?  I could play with it all day.



        tier 3: CRM Suite Professional


        The TLDR

        One word: automation.  Yep, it’s a jump up in price from Starter, but you’ll be saving so much time, you might as well have hired a new team member.  In fact, it’s probably cheaper than adding to your headcount.

        Cost (at the time of this post)

        Starts at $1780/month

        What you get

        All of HubSpot’s free tools, every feature in Starter, PLUS:

        Marketing hub Professional
        • 2000 Marketing Contacts (unlimited free non-marketing contacts up to a limit of 15 million overall)
        • A/B testing
        • Ability to branch on a particular property in workflows
        • Ability to create sub workflows
        • Ability to delay actions in workflows
        • Ability to send internal SMS
        • Blog
        • Calculated Fields 
        • Campaigns and Campaign Reporting
        • Content Strategy/Topic Cluster Tool
        • CTAs and CTA testing
        • Email Comparison Reporting
        • Workflows
        • SEO audit tool
        • Smart content on landing pages and blogs
        • Social Management and Scheduling
        • Website Traffic Analytics
        Sales hub Professional
        • eSignatures and Quotes
        • Forecasting
        • Lead rotation
        • Sales automation/sequences
        service hub professional
        • Knowledge base
        • NPS, support, and custom surveys
        • Ticket Automation
        cms hub professional
        • A/B testing on pages 
        • Content staging
        • More than 15 web pages
        • Personalization and Smart Content
        Operations Hub Professional

        • Duplicate Management
        • Programmable Automation
        • Webhooks

        What you don’t get

        • Custom Behavioral Events
        • Custom Objects
        • Multiple Domains or Brands
        • Multi-touch revenue attribution
        • YouTube Analytics Integration

        My personal fav feature:

        This is a tough one since pro has so many time-saving features, but if I had to, I’d pick workflows.  You’ll never have to stress about leads getting lost in your pipeline again.  Now you can stay in touch with your prospects with simple email marketing automation.  For example, here’s a behind the scenes screenshot of one of our nurture workflows:

        Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 11.24.16 AM

        Tier 4: CRM Suite Enterprise


        the TLDR

        More of a special case, but if you’re nearing the 50,000 contact mark or have multiple brands within your business, this one’s worth looking at. 

        Cost (at the time of this post)

        Starts at $5,000/month

        What you get

        Everything in HubSpot CRM Suite Starter and Pro, PLUS:

        Marketing hub enterprise
        • 10,000 marketing contacts  (unlimited free non-marketing contacts up to a limit of 15 million overall)
        • Adaptive Testing (automated A/B testing)
        • Behavioral event triggers in reporting
        • Custom Objects
        • Multi-touch Revenue Attribution
        • Partitioning and User Roles (customized permissions for team members based on role, region, and more)
        • YouTube Analytics Integration

        Sales hub enterprise
        • Automatic Lead Scoring
        • Conversational intelligence (automatic recording, transcription, and sales call analysis)
        • Playbooks (document sales process/sales call data collection)
        • Quote-based Workflows
        • Recurring Revenue Tracking
        • Salesforce Custom Objects Sync
        Service hub enterprise
        • Conversational intelligence
        • Playbooks
        CMS hub enterprise
        • Adaptive Testing (automated A/B testing)
        • Custom objects
        • Memberships
        • Multiple domains
        • Multi-domain traffic reporting 
        • The ability to build web apps

        There’s no Enterprise level for Operations Hub (yet), but the Enterprise Suite includes all Operations Hub Pro features.

        Even if you don’t necessarily need the other features in the Enterprise Suite, the price per marketing contact goes down around the 50,000 contact mark.  So if your business is really booming, upgrading could be a good move.

        And while we’re talking about marketing contacts, one of the few irritants HubSpot has is its pricing structure for marketing contacts.  HubSpot charges for marketing contacts in various increments, depending on the plan (in Starter, for example, you can market to 1000 contacts at the $50/month price, but once you hit 1001 marketing contacts you’re bumped into the 2000 contacts range for an extra $50/month).  The catch is that once you pass the threshold you can’t downgrade to a lower number of contacts, even after you’ve cleaned up your database.  While this is an essential pitfall to avoid, it’s also a good reminder to keep your CRM clean and up to date!  You can read more about deduplicating your contacts in this post.

        What you don’t get

        Nothing!  Enterprise is the highest rung on the HubSpot ladder.

        My personal fav feature

        Multiple domains and website reporting.  This is a great feature if your business has more than one brand. 

        Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 11.26.49 AM

        A note to my fellow marketer


        As a marketer, you know that your content and customer experience are a top priority.  And while HubSpot doesn’t do the work for you, there are tons of ways you can use it to improve your customer’s journey, lead generation, conversions, metrics, and more.  Not to mention all the precious resources you’ll save by simplifying your tech stack.  

        Wouldn’t it be great to have the clarity, time, and traffic you need to actually hit your goals and grow your business?  You know it would.  Try it today.

        Yes, I want to grow my business!

        (No thanks, I don’t need to grow)

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        HubSpot pricing tiers: which should you choose?

        Is HubSpot right for you? If you’re considering a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, this platform has tons of options to help you...

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